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Visit the Parc des Félins

The Parc des Félins is a zoological park that actually consists of two parks dedicated to two very distinct categories, felines and primates.

To join Le Parc des Félins from the 4 Vents caravanning campsite

The Parc des Félins is located only 10 minutes from the 4 Vents campsite in the commune of Nesles in the Seine et Marne department (52 km east of Paris and 20 km south of Disneyland® Paris).

Discover the Parc des Félins

The Parc des Félins presents 140 felines of species from all over the world. The Parc des Félins will make you discover American, European, African and Malagasy species. Stroll in this 60 hectare park in search of snow leopards, northern and southern oncillies, pumas, white tigers and many others!

Visit the park "Land of monkeys"

Coming to the park also allows you to discover other species such as monkeys and birds in the Monkey Land section. It is in this space of 21 hectares that you will be able to live an immersion in the environment of the Barbary macaques during a safari or to explore the lemur island.

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